2020 Global Report on the Status of Coral Reefs

Photo credit: The Ocean Agency

The principal outputs of the GCRMN have been periodic global and regional assessments of the status and trends of coral reef ecosystems. However, the last report was released in 2008 creating a significant gap in contemporary understanding of global status and trends in coral reefs, which was recognised in UN Environment Assembly Resolution 2/12 on coral reefs which called on UN Environment to “support further development of coral reef indicators, regional coral reef assessments, and preparation of a global report through GCRMN”.

Considering that the CBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (Aichi Targets) is due in 2020, and that 2020 also provides the first interim reporting for Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, it is the opportune time for the GCRMN to produce another Status of Coral Reefs of the World report by mid-2020 to contribute to these processes.

The type of data required for the report includes both benthic (cover percentage) and fish data (abundance and size), from at least a two-year consecutive monitoring period.

Should you have data you think could benefit the report please contact Jérémy Wicquart (jeremywicquart@gmail.com), and Francis Staub (fstaub@icriforum.org).

Latest News:

Later this year (in the second half of 2020), the report on the status of coral reefs of the world will be released (the first global report in 12 years).

The data acquisition and homogenization stage was completed two months ago (April 2020), with the acquisition of 195 datasets from 75 countries. These datasets include more than 1,7500,000 observations of 23 different variables recorded from more than 100,000 transects. The analysis of these data is progressing and will soon be finalised. Several chapters of the report are in preparation.