Goals and objectives

Photo credit: Ellen Cuylaerts

The Implementation and Governance Plan identifies four goals for the GCRMN, with subsidiary objectives:

Goal 1

Improve understanding of coral reef status and trends, globally and regionally.

  • 1.1 Quantify change in core components of the reef community
  • 1.2 Attribute changes and impacts on coral reefs to key drivers
  • 1.3 Identify and interpret reef recovery processes important for maintaining and restoring reefs
  • 1.4 Identify and interpret trends in key social and economic drivers and benefits in relation to coral reef status and trends
Goal 2

Analyse and communicate coral reef biophysical, social and economic trends, providing science-based recommendations in support of raising awareness, management and policy development

  • 2.1 Support evidence-based decisions on management and policy responses to coral reef biophysical, social and economic trends
  • 2.2 Support assessments and reporting that track progress towards internationally adopted goals and targets, in relation to environmental, social and economic targets
Goal 3

Enable and facilitate greater utilization of coral reef data, including in research.

  • 3.1 Support and promote the exchange of information and sharing of knowledge about reef status, trends and responses
  • 3.2 Contribute to and operationalize innovations and their application in coral reef monitoring, research and modelling
Goal 4

Build human and technical capacity to collect, analyse and report biophysical and socio-economic data on coral reefs

  • 4.1 Identify capacity building needs at local, national and regional levels, and support the network members in meeting these needs
  • 4.2 Generate and report on relevant metrics demonstrating delivery of GCRMN goals 1, 2 and 3