Call for data for the next GCRMN Status of Coral Reefs of the World

Photo credit: The Ocean Agency

At the last ICRI General Meeting (December 2018) ICRI members endorsed the work plan for the publication of the next GCRMN Status of Coral Reefs of the World report by mid-2020 (as described in the Implementation and Governance Plan). This report will be the first report on the global status of coral reefs in 12 years (previous global reports can be found under GCRMN reports).

In order to produce this report, the GCRMN is seeking contributions of coral reef data from monitoring programs from around the world. The data provided and collated will be used to analyse the global status and trends of coral reefs. This, in turn, will provide the quantitative foundation for the 2020 report (please note all contributions will be acknowledged appropriately in the final report).

The type of data required for the report includes both benthic (cover percentage) and fish data (abundance and size), from at least a two-year consecutive monitoring period.

Should you have data you think could benefit the report, please contact Jérémy Wicquart (, and Francis Staub (