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The U.S. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has just released a call for proposals to its “Coral Reef Conservation Fund.”  The details can be found at

Eligible applicants include all persons, organizations, and non-U.S. Federal agencies, including parties within and outside of the United States, where priority will be given to increasing management capacity in the Indo-Pacific and the wider Caribbean as follows:

Increase Management Capacity for Coral Conservation 

Applicants seeking funding under this category should address specific capacity gaps as identified through regional planning processes and that have been prioritized for action. Awards under this category are expected to range between US$30,000 – $60,000.

a) Implement Indonesia and Philippines Management Priorities: Applicants seeking funding under this category should address coral reef conservation and management capacity needs and/or priority actions identified through regional planning and capacity building initiatives, including but not limited to activities supported by USAID, NOAA between 2010 and 2018. Project examples include the implementation of the following: sustainable tourism plans, ecosystem approach to fisheries management, MPA management effectiveness, MPA management plan, marine spatial planning and zoning plans, MPA network plans, MPA community-based enforcement plans, and sustainable financing for MPAs.

b) Address Caribbean MPA Management Needs: Projects submitted for funding under this category must address specific and discrete management capacity needs identified by MPA managers at one or more of the 31 MPA locations that are part of the MPAConnect network in the Wider Caribbean (see the listing of eligible MPA locations here). Applicants under this proposal category must address specific needs identified in assessments of management capacity conducted within these 31 sites, coordinate directly with the managing authority for each MPA included in the proposal and indicate the extent to which capacity gaps would be filled if the proposal was funded. Information on the specific MPA management needs is available in the 2011 “Management Capacity Assessment of Selected Coral Reef Marine Protected Areas in the Caribbean” and on the MPAConnect webpage. Applicants may find particularly helpful information within the last section of this webpage entitled, “A Tool for Prioritizing Capacity Building Needs for Effective MPA Management.”

A 1:1 match with local (or other) funds is usually required. Deadline for pre-proposals is March 15, 2018, 11:59 PM, Eastern Time.  Application details at

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