Review of Coral Reefs Monitoring Activities in the Southwest Indian Ocean: 2013

Photo credit: The Ocean Agency

The focal region for the ISLANDS project comprises the South West Indian Ocean (SWIO) islands, under the umbrella of the Indian Ocean Commission, with the inclusion of Zanzibar. The first GCRMN report from this region covered the whole of the Western Indian Ocean, but subsequently, the islands and mainland subregions were separated from one another, matching the mandates of the Indian Ocean Commission for the islands, and of the East African Community and Southern African Development Community focussing on mainland East Africa. The next global GCRMN report (Wilkinson et al. 2000) had separate chapters for the WIO islands (Bigot et al. 2000) and mainland (Obura et al. 2000) states, both focusing on the impact of the mass coral bleaching event in 1998.

This report is also available here in French.