Steering Committee

Photo credit: Jayne Jenkins

The GCRMN is governed by a Steering Committee that derives its mandate from the ICRI General Meeting. The Steering Committee provides high-level oversight, guidance, advocates for the GCRMN and helps secure support and resources. Implementation of the GCRMN is led by a Global Coordinator supported by a host institution, in close partnership with Regional Coordinators, time-bound Task Forces mandated by the Steering Committee, and relevant technical experts. The GCRMN Regional Networks, each with a Regional Coordinator, are the primary structures within the GCRMN, and bring together national networks, relevant institutions and ad hoc contributors of data. Key partners and supporters to the GCRMN include other international and inter-governmental bodies and entities with relevant mandates and expertise that support coral reef monitoring. Participation in the GCRMN is voluntary, based on shared goals contained in the IGP.

The GCRMN Steering Committee provides global oversight of GCRMN. It guides and advises the Global and Regional Coordinators and advocates for GCRMN globally to support its further development and to ensure impact.

The specific functions of the Steering Committee are to:
  • Provide high-level oversight of the delivery and periodic review of the GCRMN implementation and governance plan and budget, including global and regional coordination, activities, outputs, capacity building and quality assurance;
  • Provide advice, guidance and follow-up to the Global Coordinator on the implementation of decisions arising from ICRI General Meetings;
  • Provide advice and guidance on bringing items to ICRI General Meetings for consideration by ICRI members;
  • Provide support, links and advocate for the GCRMN in relevant national, regional and international fora and processes to maximize uptake and value generated from GCRMN activities and outputs, and to expand strategic partnerships of the network;
  • Assist in securing financial and in-kind support and resources for GCRMN activities and outputs;
  • Establish and provide oversight of permanent or temporary Task Forces (see below) to provide specific technical advice and solutions for the effective delivery of GCRMN activities;
  • Promote, facilitate and guide capacity building in regional networks in accordance with the IGP.
Membership of the Steering Committee comprises of:
  • ICRI Host Secretariat representatives (chair)
    • Australia,
    • Indonesia,
    • Monaco.
  • UN Environment
  • Non-government/technical ICRI members
    • WWF International,
  • Major supporters of the GCRMN
    • USA/NOAA,
    • France,
    • Seychelles,
    • UK/JNCC.
  • Global Coordinator
  • Representatives of Regional Networks
    • Western Indian Ocean,
    • Pacific,
    • East Asia Region,
    • Eastern Tropical Pacific.
  • Invited members such as leads of current Task Forces
  • Host institution
    • Australian Institute of Marine Science.