Coral Reef Dashboards by the World Resources Institute with data from GCRMN




Coral Reef Dashboards were developed by the World Resources Institute and its partners, including data from GCRMN and presenting global and regional summaries of the importance, status, and outlook of coral reefs around the world.

The dashboards use data from the Sixth Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2020 report, for charts on hard live coral cover and algal cover, and descriptions of coral conditions in the region.

The Global Coral Reef Profile provides an overview of the world’s coral reefs including consolidated, map-based information and indicators on the value of coral reefs, the threats they are facing, the factors which promote coral resilience, progress on protecting reefs, and what actions are needed to save them.

The regional dashboards provide an overview of the value of coral reefs (fisheries, tourism and shoreline protection values), reef-dependent population, and the relative social and economic vulnerability of people within the region to coral degradation. These regions are based on GCRMN regions.

The dashboards also provide information on the extent of coral reef and mangrove habitat, and the percentage within MPAs, as well as fully protected areas. They provide mapping and indicators of current and future threats. The indicators provide a summary for the region, while the maps allow users to explore in detail threats, values and protection for their country or local area. The dashboards also summarize what we know about changes in the extent of live coral cover and algal cover within the region.

These maps and indicators are some of the most requested data to support decision-making relevant to coral reefs.