GCRMN Caribbean network online survey




The GCRMN-Caribbean is an operational network of GCRMN in the Caribbean Region. It aims to ensure the collection of useful, comparable, and accessible data that can reveal the status and trends of the coral reef ecosystems in the Wider Caribbean Region. The network promotes an integrated approach with biophysical and socioeconomic data, to create regular, robust, and strategic reporting to influence coastal management decision-making at the regional level, and guide management at the local level.

In 2020, the GCRMN-Caribbean participated in the production of the Caribbean Chapter of the Sixth GCRMN Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2020 which was the first-ever world report based on a quantitative data approach. The GCRMN-Caribbean aims to find out more about existing monitoring programs in the region, types of indicators collected, preferences, and needs for contributing to the 2025 GCRMN Global report as well as the 2024/2025 GCRMN-Caribbean report. For this purpose, the GCRMN-Caribbean has launched an online survey that will help develop a regional directory on reef monitoring and capacity-building efforts (biophysical and socio-economic) in the Caribbean region. Information, other than personal, will be automatically displayed on a GIS map.

If you are involved in coral reef monitoring in the Caribbean region, you are invited to take part in this survey, which will not take up much of your time and will be very useful in producing the forthcoming global and Caribbean GCRMN reports. The online survey is available at For more information, you can contact Christophe Blazy, SPAW-RAC Marine Ecosystems Project Officer.