GCRMN Steering Committee Meeting – March 2024




On 26th March 2024, the GCRMN convened its Steering Committee for a productive meeting focusing on the production of the next Global Report. Jennifer Koss, chair of the Steering Committee and co-chair of ICRI, opened the meeting by highlighting the pressing nature of the current global coral reef situation, as we are on the cusp of the 4th mass global coral bleaching event. Jennifer underscored the need for continued action, mobilisation, and coral reef monitoring.

The Steering Committee received a series of updates on the activities of the GCRMN since the last Steering Committee meeting in September 2023 at the occasion of the 37th ICRI General Meeting, providing a snapshot of progress made during that time, alongside upcoming actions and events to which the GCRMN will be showcased, as well as regional workshops. A large portion of the meeting was centred around the production of the next Global Report, including proposed timelines and structures as well as a review of regional surveys concerning data indicators currently recording through monitoring efforts. The Data Task Force provided an update on the groups efforts, namely with respect to an upcoming review meeting which will see the discussion of the data analysis approaches utilised for the upcoming Pacific Regional Report; further discussing the use of this protocol for the 2025 Global Report.

Regional updates from Brazil, East Asia, and the Western Indian Ocean were provided, with updates on the current status of coral reef bleaching with increasing reports of bleaching in the WIO.